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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Location: Three Rivers, California, USA

MapToday is a rest day! Yaaaaaaay! Yesterday was SUCH a long day! I worked out by the end of the day we had been on the road for 14hours! ..Crazy I tell you! Crazy!

After packing up camp near Vegas, heading for Sequoia/Kings Canyon, we drove through Death Valley National Park. It was a little scary to see signs saying vehicles frequently overheat and to turn off the airconditioning, but reassuring to know they had radiator water tanks available periodically along the road through the park. I just hoped we didn't need to use one, and thankfully, we didn't. It was a long drive through one fo the hottest parts of the world without air conditioning though! We got to sea level and then below sea level, which was bizarre. There are even a few towns in the park where people live, which I found amazing! Imagine surviving that heat day in and day out? No thanks! Give me Melbourne weather any day! -Even if you do get four seasons in one day! hehe.

After our drive through Death Valley we continued on towards Sequoia/Kings Canyon. Now my wing-it-and see approach was not looking likely to work in our favour as it was the long weekend, a Saturday night and we hadn't booked anywhere to stay! ..ooops!
Well we got in to the town of Three Rivers around dusk and thought, how hard can it be? But after calling nearly every place in town and stopping at all of the ones we hadn't called, it was looking grim! Even the campgrounds in the area were completely full, including all of the ones in both national parks! There was one motel that had a couple who hadn't turned up yet when we first arrived in Three Rivers, so after no luck driving around for three hours trying to find somewhere to stay the night, we drove back to see if they had turned up and if the room was still available. And boy was it our lucky day! A couple had booked the room and not turned up and then another couple came in looking for a room, said they were going to the bank to get money to pay for the room and they would be back, but they never came back and so the kind gentleman behind the counter gave us the room! PHEW!!! Boy was that a relief! AND, what was better was that we had our own bathroom and propper beds to sleep in! Such things have become luxuries the last few weeks!

So today was a well earned rest day. A day for catching up on some sleep, lazying around and doing some washing! :o)

See? What could possibly go wrong? hehehe.