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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 May 2007

Location: Sequoia National Park, USA

MapSaw the biggest living thing on the earth today!! -The Giant Sherman sequoia tree. It was quite impressive they could grow to be so enormous! The people looked like little ants in comparison to the size of the tree! Quite amazing!

I really enjoyed Sequoia National Park, it is beautiful and was lovely to be in a forrest, surrounded by trees and nature again after spending so much time in the deserts of Arizona, Utah and Nevada!

We were going to go to Kings Canyon National Park on our way to Yosemite also, but the day was getting on and we were told Sequoia was the one to really see, so we left it at that, however we did kind of go to Kings Canyon as you have to drive through part of Kings Canyon NP when visiting Sequoia NP! ..don't think it really counts though! hehe

We are staying at a lovely hostel near Yosemite NP, called The Yosemite Bug. We are in a room with six bunks all to ourselves which is great -no snoring or stranger's smelly feet! Yay!