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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

MapI am so glad I planned this trip the way I did. It has been amazing and I wouldn't have wanted to do it any other way!
I got to spend an amazing leg in North America, flying around and then driving through some of the most amazing national parks in the world over four weeks. That was followed by a three day train ride to Chicago, through some beautiful countryside on which I met some great people. I then crammed three cities into a week -it was a bit much I must admit, but I am not a city person so it was okay.
Then, exhausted after 8 weeks of non-stop travelling through USA and a little of Canada I arrived here in Zurich to stay with Dad for three weeks. I had planned on doing a little travel around Europe while I was here, but it occurred to me that the rest of the trip I will be on the go, so I took the opportunity to have a rest for a while, put my feet up and do a whole lot of nothing! -And it was great!
But now my rest is over! Today I take a bus, tram, train, train and plane to England, followed by three or so more trains to get to my old school friend's place in London, Emily. We went to school together in Belgium back in grade 2 and 3 and Dad and I caught up with Emily's sister, Anita and her boyfriend Chris for dinner when they were here in Zurich. I haven't seen Emily since grade 3 so it will be really exciting to see one another again!
Then tomorrow I head down to Southampton to visit a school friend from Melbourne who is living and working in England at the moment. That will be followed by a trip to Stonehenge on Thursday and then on to another school friend's place in Oswestry. Sally and her parents and my family have kept in touch ever since we were at school together with Emily in Belgium -I am really looking forward to seeing them again too!
And if I hadn't caught up with enough friends by then I am hoping to get over to Birmingham briefly at some point to visit an old school friend from when we lived here in Zurich, Lisa and then on Sunday I train it to a little place near Cambridge to visit another school friend from Zurich, Alex.
From there I am heading to our old town of Harpenden, where we used to live between '82-'86 and I'm visiting family friends there before heading in to London for a few days of sightseeing, and.. yep! you guessed it! catching up with a friend from skydiving in Australia and Jeanne, an aussie I met in Los Angeles who is now working in England!
Then, most probably entirely exhausted, I hop on a plane to Bangkok on Thursday 19th July.
So it will be a busy week or so, but will be absolutely fantastic!
I'm not sure when I'll next be online but I will try my best to keep my blog and you all updated of my travels! :o)

Hope you are all well xoxo