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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Jul 2007

Location: England, UK

MapEllo ello! ..I have had a wonderful week catching up with friends. I've decided I'm just about sightsee'd out (is that a word?!?!) so I will have to muster up some enthusiasm before Friday when I arrive in Thailand.. however I imagine being nothing like I have ever experienced before, that shouldn't be a problem!

I arrived in England last Tuesday. I have caught up with so many friends it's been great! The run down...
Tue: Emily & her bf Aaron (Grade 1 & 2 (AIS), Belgium, 1989)
Wed: Michael (High School (Billanook), Australia, 1993-1998)
Thur-Sat: Sally & her parents Wendy & Graeme (Grade 2 & 3 (AIS), Belgium, 1989-1990)
Sun: Alex & her bf Rob (Grade 5 (ICS), Switzerland, 1991-1992)
Mon: the Hills (family friends from when we lived in Harpenden, 1982-1986)

I must say it was wonderful catching up with everyone & having an abundance of home cooked meals and comfortable beds to sleep in -quite a novelty! Many stories shared and good times had.

Tomorrow I am catching up another friend, Sarah who I know from skydiving from back home & Jeanne whom I met when I was travelling in LA.

..So a little bit of sightseeing & seeing a few more friends and then on Thursday I am off to Thailand for three weeks. Sorry but you'll have to wait till I get back to Oz for the next round of photos!!

Hope everyone is well.. wherever in the world you may be! :o) xoxo