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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Jul 2007

Location: Heathrow Airport, England

MapWell.. I'll try and keep this short.. at a pound per 10mins!

I had another wonderful day today sightseeing. It has certainly been a productive day! I got up early, did all of my washing, caught up on some emails, checked out by 10am and then spent the rest of the day sightseeing. ..My feet are so incredibly sore!!
I went to so many places it's hard to remember them all!
I started by going to Kings Cross Station.. to keep the Harry Potter theme going from yesterday and so naturally, I had to go see platform 9 3/4. Unfortunately my camera battery died so I had to go buy a disposable one, wasn't too bad though as it was buy one, get one free! ..Not sure if everyone got that deal though, the guy who was serving me said i had a cute voice -maybe it worked in my favour?! ..I wonder if he was hoping for my number!? ..hehe ah well. Oops!
So from Kings Cross I headed to Leicester Square again and this time past Haagan Daz without going in for icecream! (The self-restraint was commendable in my opinion!)
I stopped at the Swiss clock as it was nearly 1pm in hope that I would see it do it's little chime and dance but unfortunately it didn't so I walked down to the National Portrait Gallery. There are some incredibly talented artists in this world! The diversity in the style of art was really interesting. I could've sworn some of those portraits were photographs they were so life-like! So that was lovely (and free! -which was great!).
From there I walked to Trafalgar Square and took a few photos before catching the tube to see the Tower Bridge. I walked over to the southern side of the Thames and headed down to the Fire Brigade Museum however unfortunately it is only open by appointment and I'd missed the last tour for the day by an hour. -It will have to go on the to-see list for next time!
After that I walked back over the Thames and took a photo of the Tate Modern Museum -no time to go in though.
Then I caught the tube to Westminster Abbey & Big Ben. I was going to walk there but my poor little feet were feeling a little worse for wear by that stage!
I decided I had a little bit of time left so quickly headed up to Buckingham Palace, took a few quick photos and then headed to Hyde Park Corner to catch the tube back to the hostel where I'd left my bags for the day.
After that I walked back to the station and caught the tube to Heathrow, had to squeeze my handbag into my carry on luggage as you are only allowed one bag through xray (!!!!), including your handbag! -When the lady at the check-in told me I didn't believe her ....silly me! They were being very strict -everyone was getting patted down as they came through. Didn't have to take our shoes off like in America though. It's funny how every country does it so differently!

Well.. time to dash.. my flight has just been called for boarding.. can't belive my second leg is about to be over! Am scared but excited about seeing Thailand. Am excited about doing the Intrepid Tour thoguh as I've never done an organised tour before and the itinerary sounds incredible! Hopefully will meet some nice people on the tour too.. always a bonus!

Will upload the rest of my photos when I get back to Oz and will write my next diary entry from Thailand! Yay!