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muffin’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Apr 2007

Location: Salvador, Brazil

MapI think this was my longest travel time EVER. I flew from LAX to Lima (8.5 hrs), Lima to Sao Paolo (>5 hrs), and Sao Paolo to Salvador (>2hrs). But I made it, sneezing the whole freaking way.

I wonder where Ria is though. I hope she is ok. She called me at the gate at Lima, right before I was about to board. Turned out she got stuck there because she went through customs to re-check her baggage through to brazil. BUT, if you are going to brazil from Peru you need a yellow fever vaccination certificate. ]And she doesnt have one. I hope she is ok and that I see her soon.

The house is cool. The internet cafe is down the street from the house. I havent ventured too much cause I dont want to go by myself. The fellow volunteers are just getting back from the beach and the futbol game. So far they have been really cool and I have been classified as an OLD ONE even though I dont look like it.

Gonna run back and make the most out of my trip. Check back in to see if I made any entries. I am trying not to, though, cause I want to stay away from computers and cell phones. We´ll see how I do. Please pray that Ria is ok and that I see her soon.