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muffin’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Apr 2007

Location: salvador, Brazil

MapRia is here! No need to worry.
Spent the morning painting the playground at frutos de maes. I quickly was reminded why I dont perform activities like that anymore, paint got into my eye and almost ruined my contacts!! Of course that is to be expected. Dont worry, I´m ok. I switched to what I am good at and watched while telling people "you´re doing a good job." You know me... Dont worry I will be painting again tomorrow... And the kids remembered us from yesterday and it is easy to get attached to them.
Afterwards we took a tour of the old city. It is really nice. They have 365 churches in salvador, one for each day ]of the year!
Tonight we will be going into the old city again to do some samba dancing! They have live music at 7pm. Gotta run!