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muffin’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Apr 2007

Location: salvador, Brazil

MapMy belly is getting FAT! For some reason my appetite is so much bigger here and all I do is eat and eat and eat. The only thing that stops me is knowing how fast my metabolism is. But tonight we are skipping the home cooked meals at the home base and are eating at a churrascaria! YUM!
I cant believe that we are leaving tomorrow already! This week has gone by fast. Today is the day of the indigenous indians. To celebrate, we dressed up our 3-year olds with indian hair-dresses and skirts. Cant believe I helped make them! Those kids are so tiring. Anyways, we painted our faces and took lots of pictures!
I will do my normal uploading when I get back.
Today we had a samba class and portuguese class. I think I did pretty well with the samba. But some of the hip shaking was kind of hard. Dont worry, I have that on video too. Ok I am going to run! I have been writing in this way more than expected! Flying to Peru tomorrow night to meet the family! YAY!