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muffin’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2007

Location: Machu Picchu, Peru

Sorry its been so long since I have written! Aside from being extremely busy, I have not had many internet opportunities. Right now I am using dial-up! Can you believe it? Anyways, I will try to catch you up on some of the highlights.
So, after Lima we flew to Cusco, 12000 ft above sea level (Lake tahoe is only at about 7000 ft-i am guessing, check wikipedia). So, I quickly got altitude sickness which sucked. Right when we got to the hotel I had some coca candies, coca tea and chewed on some coca leaves. Didnt help me much though. I was down and out most of the first day. Which sucked because Cusco is soooooo breathtaking!
From there we saw many many beautiful inkan ruins with our spectacular guide, Melbin. She is the best because she knows everything so we dont have to read up on anything. We climbed up 300+ steps to the ruins of ollyantambo. Dude that is so hard because of the high elevation and my athsma, but I made it! We stayed at this beautiful resort style hotel except there was only 1 tv at the whole place! We played cards and jenga to fill our time.
This morning we took the train to agua calientes, the stop for Machu Picchu. Then we had to take this 30 min bus ride up this scary windy hill to finally see the ruins. I think jappy called the site magestic. There are no words for me to describe this sight. I wish all of you will have the opportunity to check it out.
I have been eating waaaaaaay too much food as Jappy even said I was gaining some weight. Oh well, the food is hella good. Everyone has gotten either diarrhea, a fever or altitude sickness. Please pray for our health and safe journey home. Ria is trying to convince me to stay an extra couple of days to go with her to Buenos Aires. Who wants to hook me up with some vacation time so I can go?