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muffin’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Apr 2007

Location: Lima, Peru

MapWell we are back in Lima. And I have to eat my words about this city because it is a lot more historic and beautiful than I thought. We went to a couple of churches and historic places. One church has the skulls of St. Rose of Lima and St. Martin of Porras for viewing! It is scary! We also went to these catcombs. The bones were separated by parts of the body like femurs and skulls and stuff. Major scary.
Ria is leaving tonight. The rest of the family is leaving tomorrow at 9am. My flight isnt until midnight tomorrow so I get to roam around the city by my lonesome. I tried to change the flight but it was full. I do like Lima but I would have preferred to roam around Salvador. I feel like we didnt get to do everything in Brazil like I wanted.
Ok see you all soon!