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muffin’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Jun 2007

Location: Kings River, USA

MapCamping was fun! My first camping experience was definitely a success... The camping adventure started as we ate KFC fried chicken and rice in the back of Kristina's car. Yum! Our first camp site was definitely rougher than the second- I'm referring to townhouse motel in sanger. But if Dionne can brave it, I can too. (Now I have to take her to the philippines.)
The whitewater experience was fun. It wasnt as scary as my other rafting experiences (especially since helmets werent required at this one) but it was definitely a favorite cause the water was breathtaking. The first rapid I almost fell out! And a couple of rapids later we doubled up our raft's occupancy by saving a few drifters. Maybe next time we can save money by stuffing all 12 of us in 1 raft! I will never forget the toilet bowl- vince's kawawa face, kristina's petrified look, and hitting that rock as dionne and i say bye to anne. It was fun.
When we got back it was my first real night in a tent. It was awesome! Did you know you could zip 2 sleeping bags together? Oh and kristina and ben didnt even make it to smores. That was yum but very sticky!... But I made it, aren't you proud of me?

Here are some pics: