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Liz & Michael’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Aug 2007

Location: Madrid - San Sebastian, Spain

MapAnother interesting dorm night……one of our so-called mates decided to ‘entertain’ his newly acquainted lady friend, in our room! Always a lovely surprise at 3:30am. Anyway, we woke a little bleary-eyed at 7am and got on the bus headed for San Sebastian. Due to terrible traffic, this 8 hour trip turned into 10, and we finally arrived in rainy cold conditions at 6pm. San Sebastian is meant to be our last stab at sun and beach before we come home…. So to find rain, grey clouds and cold winds was to say the least, quite disappointing. But it WILL improve!!!! Savings our pennies, we went to the supermarket to get ingredients for our home-cooked dinner and enjoyed eating with Ali and Drummond, some lovely Queenslanders we first met in our dorm at Barcelona. As we had scrimped our monies for the day, we felt quite validated in going out with them for some drinks, especially as our guide had mentioned two-for-one 3 Euro pints of sangria at one particular bar! We were a little perturbed to find out that it was two-for-one 6 Euro pints of sangria (ie. 3 Euros each), but the guide had been pretty ordinary all day, so we weren’t surprised that she was proven wrong, and plus it was still quite cheap! Once happy hour finished at 11:30pm, so too had we.