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Liz & Michael’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Aug 2007

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

MapHappy Birthday Dad!!! We woke expecting better weather, and we horrified to find it actually raining harder and more incessantly than the day before. It seemed as though our sightseeing (and beaching) would be put off for a few hours at least. First things first, we had to ring Roddells, so we stood in the rain trying to get onto the busy Hanton household landline for 15 minutes! Finally we got through, and had a nice chat with Rod, Jude and poor fluish Beno. We went to the internet to double-check the weather forecast, and were saddened to find that it has taken a turn for the worse……it won’t fine up until Saturday (our last day) and then will only be 23 with clouds….  We made a split decision to take our leave from San Sebastian on the morrow, and spend four days in Paris instead of just two. We changed our bookings and immediately felt more organized and motivated. If you can’t go to the beach in San Seb, there really is not that much to do except eat, drink and spend money! The rain had increased as we headed home, abandoning all ideas of sightseeing. We met up with some friends, Ally and Drummond at the hostel and had a mid-arvo drink or two. Later on after a few new friends had joined us for some great chats and laughs, the tapas bars called us, very loudly! So out we went into the rain, but this time armed with Ally’s HUGE rainbow umbrella which nearly fitted all 8 of us underneath it. We took turns choosing bars to go into, depending on how the tapas (little snacky bits of food) looked. All the food is lined up along the bar, you ask for a plate and go along selecting which pieces you want to eat. Then you either pay for them before you eat them or afterwards, the latter being much more tricky to communicate and requiring honesty! We had some really nice ones and some not so good, but overall an awesome experience. After we’d all had our choice of venue, we thought a purely drinking bar was in order to finish off the night. This seemed like such a great idea at the time! We found a cute little dark smoky place which offered cheap drinks, free shots and massive 1 litre glasses (fish bowls really….) of cocktails…… EEK. Although in retrospect this spelled DANGER, it really tasted very yummy and was such a novelty that we all chipped in to gobble it all up. 1:30am arrived quickly and saw us returning home and taking video of some of our friends doing ballet and chicken dances up and down the hostel hallway, being extremely quiet of course……