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Liz & Michael’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Aug 2007

Location: San Sebastian - Paris, Spain

Map“Hells bells” were the words uttered by Liz at 7am the next morning as we rose and organized ourselves to get on the bus. The day started off with a bang as we trudged through the rain for 10 minutes to get to the pick-up point, during which time Liz actually slipped and fell over onto the hard tiles with her big pack on….. A bruised bum, knee and ego resulted, plus wet pants- but no other injuries… We had really timed our hangover well, as the bustrip to Paris today takes um, a mere 13.5 hours. Okay. Apart from a few shady moments, we were generally fine, with a few naps, big bottles of water, entertaining videos and about 6 food stops. Yes, we ate at every stop! Mealtimes mean nothing at times of hardship like this. We dropped off and picked up people at Bordeaux, then at Tours in the Loire Valley. We were 99% sure that our friends from way back on the Northern Loop, Lisa and Seb, would be getting on at this stop. Sure enough, as we returned from McDonalds, there they were!!! It was soooo good to see them. The next 4 hours into Paris went relatively quickly, and we got off the Busabout bus for the last time in good spirits. We quickly checked into our hotel, and were delighted to find an incredible view from our window and balcony – the Basilica of Sacre Coeur is right there in all its glory!!! Divine. We freshened up and hurried out to a nearby pub where we met Lisa, Seb and the hair of the dog. Ally and Drummond popped in for a quick hello and goodbye too. We had a great catch up and midnight meal of massive salads, garlicky potato crisps and for Lisa and Seb, snails. A change from our previous visits to Paris – tonight it was balmy and warm enough to eat outside very comfortably. Gorgeous times.