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Liz & Michael’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Aug 2007

Location: Paris, France

MapThe first day of our last few days o/s started with a big long luxurious sleep in, then a 12pm meeting with Lisa and Seb to suss out Moulin Rouge tickets. We ended up spending 89 Euros EACH for tonight's 11pm show..... that is like AUD$130!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmm. It does include half a bottle of champers each, and plus everyone we speak to highly highly recommends it, so hey when in Paris! We retreated to the hotel to enjoy our view for a while, then headed out for a stroll when the sun came out. Paris is a totally different city when it's sunny and we lapped it up. We ended up on the top of Montmartre, again, this time for shopping rather than just for the magnificent view. We had chicken salad for dinner in our room, then Lisa and Seb arrived at 9pm to check out our view and have a pre-show drink. At 10:20, many laughs later, we finished our dolling up and walked the 10 minutes through the red-light district to the infamous Moulin Rouge. We were greeted with the most incredible queue and couldn't understand how we were going to make it to our seats in time, however the Frenchies came through with the goods and we were in our squishy little seats, quite close to the stage but on a table off to one side, in good time.

The show was absolutely amazing. Worth every penny we feel! It consisted of not only the expected can-can dances, but beautiful music, singing, brilliant costumes, delightful colours (the girls were enthralled to say the least) and most of the dancers were topless (the boys attention span didn’t wander too much either…)! In between dance scenes, we were entertained (to the point of tear-jerking hilarity) by a strong man lifting his female acrobat in all sorts of bizarre and wonderful positions, a uni-cyclist who could ride his bike up a ramp on one foot while kicking cups up onto his head with the other, a ventriloquist who had us all in raptures and Liz swimming in her own tears, and of course the famous nudey swimmer with the massive pythons!!!! It went from 11:30pm – 1:30am without any breaks. It was great to share it with Seb and Lise too – we had an absolute ball. We thought about going for a night-cap at the Café Chat Noir (famous black cat picture you see everywhere) but it was too exy considering we had just spent over $500 between us…… So it was off to bed at 2am.