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Liz & Michael’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Aug 2007

Location: Paris, France

MapAll we had to do today was make sure we were up and at ‘em by 12:30pm to meet Lisa and Seb and a free walking tour group in the Latin Quarter. A pretty simple task one would think. However it was a little tricky after a 5am wake-up call for Michael to listen to his beloved Hawks thrash Western Bulldogs (and then have to go back to bed) and Liz’s continuing, if not strengthening tendency to despise mornings. It was such a gloriously hot and blue skied day when we finally made it to Place de St Michel. Our 4 hour tour took was really interesting even though we didn’t actually go anywhere we hadn’t been before. The guide explained the history and many intriguing facts to us along the way, so we now feel a much stronger bond with gay Parie. Can’t believe how much of a difference the weather has made! Afterwards we went to continue our Parisian odyssey, through a “French” tradition that is possibly more like what the tourists here do than the actual residents….. we bought baguettes, cheeses and bottles of cheap wine and watched the sun set on Paris from the grassy knoll of Sacre Coeur. Lisa and Seb picnicked with us as a final goodbye to traveling together (as they move on to more bus-abouting)! Apart from Liz again managing to spill red wine from woe to go, a lovely balmy evening was enjoyed by all with lots of laughs.