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Liz & Michael’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 29 Aug 2007

Location: Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

MapThen the fun began..... we had 16 hours of joyous stopover time to kill.... we started by catching up on some internet work, then (perhaps a little hesitantly, is that wrong?!?!) headed into the main part of Hongers on the train. We wandered around this incredibly hectic and energetic city for a few hours, checking out all the little steep market lanes and sweating like pigs. How's this for sampling local cuisine: our meals today included Subway, KFC and McDonalds.....!!!!!! Fair indication that we are OVER IT. We walked in the stinking humidity a couple of kms to the Peak Tram and cruised up to the glorious views from Victoria Peak. By this stage we were starting to get deliriously tired, having been awake for over a day. But we pushed on and took some great shots and drank some nice coffee up there. Although it would have been great to stay there until night fell and the lights of Hong Kong starred, we simply couldn't do it and needed some different stimuli to stay awake. So, we decided to go to the movies! An interesting choice, one might say, for two utterly devastatingly drowsy beings, but nonetheless, apart from a few nodding moments by Liz (she was repeatedly nudged by Michael) the Bourne Ultimatum was exciting enough to keep us interested for 2 hours! At this point, we had had enough so caught our train back to the airport (and yes we forgot to walk down to the harbour to show Michael the lights of HK.....). A few hours later we were seated in our own little 2-seater spot on a very comfortable Cathay Pacific plane, and Liz was drooling even before taxi-ing had commenced! At one point (5am Australian time), Liz woke up to see Michael ordering yet another scotch and dry..... he just can't resist free alcohol!!! That, and the excitement of so many different movie and TV options just kept Michael awake for the whole 10 hour flight. Amazing.