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Brigid’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Nov 2004

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapHello everyone!
Safely arrived in Canada today after a very very very long flight. The stop over in Taipei was...interesting. I think i only eat a bread roll the whole 18 hours we were there. No one spoke English, the food was horrible and we unfortunely didn't get to go into the city. However basically all our flight were heading to Canada so we all made friends and just hung out in the hotel. Speaking of the hotel it was really nice. It was a golf country club in the middle of farming/slum land. So that was a bonus. We all went to the driving range to hit a few balls in the morning while waiting to go back to the airport.
I didn't sleep much on the plane from Taipei to Vancouver so i am struggling to stay wake at the moment.
Today Elly, Bechtel, Caro and I just walked around a bit sussing it all out. Tomorrow we have our orientation then we head off the Whislter. We are staying with a friend of ours, Harro, in whistler for 2 days before our accommodation starts on the 28th. I have to get there and start looking for a job straight way.
Anyway remember you can leave me messages i will try and check it as much as possible and keep leaving entries.
By the way the weather here is Vancouver is HORRIBLE. Its raining and freezing cold. I had to wear my ugg boots all day because my other bags were packed away.....they are so wet!!!
And I also meet the boy nan told me about. It was really funny we randomly met in someones hotel room. He is really nice. He is actually travelling with a boy i go to uni with, they are heading to Banff.
Brendan and Blake have been travelling with us aswell which was good. They have going to Toronto so we will catch up with them in Whistler. They have heaps of energy because they took a few sleeping pills before the flight and they slept the whole 9 hours...i was so jealous.
I don't think i needed to buy a diary because i have written so much on this. I have so muc clothes me to learn my lesson the hard way. Expect a box to be sent home is a couple of weeks.
Anyway I am really going now.
Look forward to reading some of your messages.
Have fun..Enjoy the sun!
Love Brig xoxo