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Brigid’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Nov 2004

Location: Whistler, Canada

MapHello again,
How is Straddie going? I made it to Whistler. We are staying with a friend called Tim Harrison at the moment until we can move into our new place on the 28th. For the last two days all we have done is looked for jobs. Its going ok. Most places are not hiring for 2 weeks. THis is tough because we are spending heaps of money and all the good jobs with ski passes are running out. But we are keeping our spirits high. Not much else is happening at the moment. Adam and I are about to meet Elly and Bechtel at the Grocery Store to buy dinner. As payment for staying at tims we are making them dinner. ( Tims place is really cute, there is a garbage shed there and it has a huge chain on the door. A few weeks ago apparently a bear tried getting in and there are HUGE scratch marks and half the wood has been riped off. Pretty scary)
Anyway i have to go. My hands are so cold, it hurts to write. Sorry if this does not make sense, I think my brain is about to freeze over.
Have Fun
Speak soon
Love Brig xox