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Brigid’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Dec 2004

Location: Canada

MapDear All,
I am so sorry that i have not updated my diary or replied to any messages. I wasn't receiving them for some reason so didn't think anyone was loving me so much so i though it was a waste of time to reply. Well didn't you all prove me wrong. I will reply to all and give you more details when i have some more time. But just for an update...I have 2 jobs. One selling kids fashion at a retail store and another selling Fur Coats at another store. Hopefully getting a nanny job or housekeeping job aswell. Neither jobs so far offer me a discounted ski pass however i do get 10% commission on every coat i sell.....
Will write again soon elly and I are heading to the supermarket before it closes.

Have Fun
Enjoy the Sun
Love Brig xox

Ps.. Happy birthday annie luv me and elly (and everyone else here)
Pps..expect something in the mail.....
ppps...alcohol is really cheap over here....good times!!