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Brigid’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Dec 2004

Location: whistler, Canada

Maphello everyone,

well its finally updated diary entry. Can't remember what i wrote last time. If i haven't told everyone already i got a job. I quit at the kids fashion place and am now working at the Alaska fur gallery and the nanny network. The fur gallery is great. The store is next to where my other friends work so we see a bit of each other and i can wear the coats out if i want. I get 10% commission or $10/hr (which is good everyone else is only getting $8.50) which ever is greater at the end of the week. I am working everyday but not till the afternoon so i can ski all day. for babysitting i get $11 per hour and for more than 2 kids it goes up ( in the busy season i get $22/hr) and they are so busy you can call up, tell them your available and be working within the hour. I also get a discounted season pass from the nanny network which saves me $800.
We moved into our new, more permenant home today. It is great. its a house that sleeps 8. We had a few problems before we moved in but got it all sorted. We have only ended up with 9 people instead of 10 because the 2 boys meant to be moving in cancelled on us at 1am the morning before the move so we had to cover their rent totalling $2000. This was interesting because we all have daily limits on our bank cards and we all had to pay our own share. Anyway its all sorted and the place is in a good location with a hot tub.
I am off to my first babysitting place now. i am not too sure where it is so i am leaving alittle early.
It sucks that straddie sucked for so many people. At least you are not in negative temperatures where it has been raining and the slightest breezing caused the temperature to drop significantly.
Anyway keep the messages coming and i promise to keep the entries coming and upto date.
Have fun
Brig xoxo