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Brigid’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Dec 2004

Location: Whistler, Canada

I hope everyone had a great christmas. sorry my message is late. My christmas was pretty fun. I worked christmas eve then had a few ppl over to ours. On christmas day we opened our presents. My secret santa was emily and i got a red hat...perfect. And i also got a massage from adam and a really cool vest i wanted.
Elly, Adam and I then went to 11am mass...we didn't quite make it to the 8am one. After mass we cooked us some apple crumble and make up some salads and ventured over to "Crabapple dr" for christmas lunch and dinner. Everyone had to work at random times so the meal went for a few hours. In the afternoon we made a cricket bat out of some wood and played backyard cricket in the snow which was...interesting but hilarious. The boys were all in thongs and shorts and singlets. CRAZY.

Possibly the best part of christmas was that it snowed on christmas eve. It was so good because we were really desparate for some.

The bad point of christmas was i fell over on some ice while walking around the village and really screwed up my back. One of the guys here studying medicine said i may have slipped a disc b/c there is no external bruising or muscular damage. ITs slowing getting better but.

Not much else has been happening. I went up on the moutain today...the snow has is so much better. Yesterday I went down to Vancouver for the day for a little adventure. I went to talk to a travel agent as Elly and I are planning to do a bit of travelling at the end of out trip. so far I think we will fly to San Fran for a few days then go to La and fly out from there to fiji for 5 days to defrost before coming home. I am getting really excited bout it.

still working at the fur gallery. Can't remember if i have already written it but i sold me first coat this week. $5000 mink coat......really pushed my commission up for the week. It was so exciting all the owners in Alaska were calling to congradulate me. Still doing a bit of babysitting on the odd occation.

Anyway...must be off. I am at work so better get back to it.

Check out come of the photos from christmas.

See you soon. Have an Awesome New YEar!!!!