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Brigid’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Jan 2005

Location: Whistler, Canada

MapHello Everyone,
Well I am sorry i have not written an entry for a long time but there really is not enough news to report everyday. Each day is pretty similar. Everyone either works or goes up the mountain. I have, however been posting photos...if anyone is checking them out.

The most exciting news to come out of Whistler this week is we have moved into a new house. Its actually more like an apartment. It is right on the mountain, is ski in ski out, has 4 hot tubs and pools, a playstation (that actually has not had that much use, we thought it was cool but thankgod everyone has realised that it is cooler to go snowboarding rather than playing a snowboarding game.) Anyway my point is this place is amazing and everyone is so jealous. There are 7 of us in this place that sleeps 6 but its pretty big so its not that bad.

ok where i left off. New years was pretty disappointing asusual. I worked. Which was good in the way i got paid alot. Bad in the way i could not go out. I still made it to a house party at 1.30am...Which was not bad considering there was no sign of everyone going home just yet. We stayed at this house party until 2:30ish until this underground carpark party started. So a few of us went was a very interest place. it was kind of a secret but everyone knew it was there. It was on the 4th level and as you were going down the lift you could hear the music. On the 4th level there were a few Dj's playing in the corner and everyone was just dancing. It was really fun.

Since new years it has only snowed here and there and the village has been really quite. the 2 weeks after christmas are apparently the worst two weeks of the year according to all the retail stores. We moved out of our house in Creekside and unforuntely kicked out as the lady was abit worried about 7 girls living in ther for the next 6 weeks. So we spent sometime couch surfing from friends places to places. Finally Adam scored this awesome place, using his very good arguementive skills he talked the landlord into an awesome deal for us until the end of the month. So we moved in a few days ago and have been living life to the full since.

I have just had a few days off work so i was able to try snowboarding for a day. It was a lot of fun and a good laugh until the next morning when i woke up and i felt like i had broken every bone in my body. I went back to skiing the next day b/c the guy i swapped skis with didnt like skiing as much as i liked snowboarding and decided to go back to boarding.

We had a girls day up the moutain the other day were we just decided to ski by ourselves. We went to the very peak of the mountain where is was snowing extremely heavly and we could not see a thing. It was very scary trying to ski down when you could see where you were going and you could not feel any part of your body b/c it was -20C + wind chill. very crazy experience.

I am currently at work. I have be here all day. They trust me now so i got a key to the store and my manager always takes time off now. I am really enjoying it here. I am developing a liking for all this fur which is very bad and very expensive. I get everything a reallly good prices so I am going to buy a pair of ear muffs, gloves, head warmer, and some fur shoes called Mukluks which i am sure i will get alot of use out of them back on the Goldie.

I have posted a few new photos. i still have more of me trying to snowboard so i will post them asap.

Whats news from you all at home? I am so jealous of everyone about to head to noosa. I cant wait to get home to the heat. I have struggled to handle the recent temperature decrease. Last week it dropped to -15C in the village + wind chill that can make it drop up to another 10degrees. FREEZING

Anyway keep the messages coming and i will try and keep the photos and entries coming.

Love you all.
Love me xoxoxox