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Brigid’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Feb 2005

Location: HOME, Australia

Maphey hey,

just to close of my diary i thought i would write one more entry and let everyone now what i have been up to for the past 2 weeks. i arrived back to australia two days ago and its great to be home.

Just a summary
we left whistler on the 3rd and spent a night in vancouver. the next day we went to san fran via calgary. in san fran we went to alcatraz, the crookedest street in the world, the famous gay suburbs, went shopping in the 60's area and did a bike ride of the city and the golden gate bridge. it was heaps of fun but it was not a very good idea to bike ride around the 49 hills the city is built on. after 3 days in san francisco we caught a bus to LA with a scary mexican drive who we think had only driven a bus once. In LA we meet up with mum and dad which was really good. we did a walking tour of the stars houses, saw the hollywood sign, the kodak theatre (where the oscars are), the mann chinese theatre (where the stars hand prints are), walked along the walk of fame, went to venice and santa monica beach and did alot of shopping and the best of all went to disneyland. after 4 days in LA we left for Fiji. we arrived at 4am and the heat was unbelievable. we really struggled. we were so used to the cold, we thought it was hot in san fran when it was 12 degrees. we got the local bus into Nadi town and had abit of a look around before getting our boat transfer to the island, beachcomber. we stayed here for 4 nights and had a good relaxing time. we met heaps of nice people and caught up on our tans (i got so burnt its ridiculous). one night bechtel and i entered into a dance competition which we ented up winning. as the prize we won 2 tickets on a seafari, a day criuse. it was great. our destination was an island called "castaway" to go snorkelling for the day. this was the island were the film "castaway" with tom hanks was filmed. but before we got there we had to go to a neighbouring island village to ask the cheifs permission to go to castaway (make sense?) so we arrived at the village and had a welcome ceremony with the tribe leaders. we then went to a shell market on the island and visited the villages school. thats about it.

so there you go. check out some of the photos. thanks for everyone who checked this site out and left me messages.
see you when i am looking at you.....hopefully see everyone soon

over and out

Luv me xoxoxoxoxoxox