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Kayo’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2007

Location: airport, Singapore


I'm in Singapore on a way from Tokyo to Denpasar-Bali for transit.I have to stay here for 15hours.It looks so long...

I've got a free ticket to come to Bali because of enough mileage of North west airline that I had got.Do you save it? This is 20,000 miles of it from Japan to Bali. I've been to Australia twice and used the credit card which I can save the points as mileage.That's it!! Everyone has got the same opportunity if you registrate it.It's free to do it. I guess around 20 airlines are in a group of the system.It means you can save the mileages through the airlines.

Anyway it's a free flight for me.And I don't feel any problem,do you know why? There are heaps of things to do in this airport.
I'll write a diary about Changi air port,singapore,soon.