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Kayo’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2007

Location: Changi airport, Singapore

I took a free bus which is called "Uniquely Singapore Transit Adventure" and went around the city in Singapore.
There is a FREE SINGAPORE TOUR,too.I didn`t join it in this time.I just wanted to spend time by myself.
But I recommend this tour if you have enough time to join it.
t`s gonna take you to Little India,Suntec and Bugis st for 2hours.
That`s amazing,isn`t it?

I had a really good company who was from LA and had to wait connecting flight by evening.I met her on the bus.
The destination was Suntec that`s a large department and has a huge artistic fountain.
We looked around and had some nice chinese soup and fried noudle at SOUP RESTAURANT.Taste so nice!!
After that we walked around and she got a beautiful chinese pot which is made from glass and green tea with flower.
I couldn`t believe we jus got together only for a couple of hours.She gave me such a great time,Thanks,Indra.

I tried walking to little India after I saw her off at the bus station.
I came around some local market and shops,so I don`t know exactly how long it took.
It might be around 20 minutes if you go strait.
And I can say Little india is really really like India!!!wow
Most of them who were in the area were Indian.Lots of Indian stuffs.I guess 99%Indian style.
I did wanted to try having some food,unfortunately I was already full and also didn`t have enough time to do it.
I`m sure,I`ll have some next time.
I took train from Gugis st to Airport that it costs 1.5s$.That was fun.

I got little luxuary!!after I went through the bording pass area.
I took a shower and I`m sitting pool side with an apple juice right now.
I can tell you it costs 8.5 S$.If you pay more,you can swim here,too.

I`ve really enjoied in Singapore.