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smileytcts’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Jun 2007

Location: North Island - Aukland, New Zealand

MapWell, I arrived at 5:00 AM.
Picked up a car at the airport, then had to wait until 1:00 PM untill I could check into the hotel that was 20 mins away.

Went for a drive and visited a few beaches, Davenport, Kohimarama Beach.

Then I spotted a shpping centre on the map. So off I goes to St Hellier's shopping centre to buy some shoes/trainers that dont hurt.
It was like shopping in the village, not a shopping centre at all really. Did get some water and my Cadbury's fix. Although it tastes different here, still works though.

Then found Kelly Tarltons Antartic encounter and Underwater experieince. Cool place, they have recreatins of the base camp and living conditions of Scot etc for their travel adventures and a penguin colony.
Then there is an area with fish, sharks etc. They have a tunel you walk through with all the sharks etc swimming over you.

Then onto Mission Bay and food. Pumkin plus other stuff, lovely.

Eventually made it to the hotel. Showered, changed and into town to get trainers.

Laundrette, with no seats, can.t believe there was no seats, but I do have clean clothes so it's OK really.

It was very warm here today, excessively so. I thought it was supose to be winter.