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smileytcts’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Jun 2007

Location: Aukland, New Zealand

MapWalked over to the Victoria street Market. Great place lots of good stuff. Walked past the Sky Tower but didn't go up. It was raining so I guessed the view would be pretty poor, I still have time to get there.
Visited the Maratime museum, lots of hand made boats, and a few modern ones too.
I ahd herd that the all blacks were paying but assumed it would be sold out, until I bought a top in one of the shops and the assistant asked me if I was going. I found out there were tickets still available so asked at the hotel about getting one. They rang an checked, then showed me how to get there, where to park for the game.
Got there, got my ticket, parked up for the match.
half way to the ground couldn't find the ticket.
Fortunately it had fell in the car so got that, went to the ground, got in and waiting 2 hours for the game to start.
Good game, the All Blacks beet France 42 - 11. Eventually got throught thr traffic and got back to the hotel.
Nice day.