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smileytcts’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Jun 2007

Location: Paihia - North Island, New Zealand

MapHad to get up early today :-(
Got picked up at 7:15 for a trip to Cape Reinga at the almost most northern part of the North Island.
We wer e driven along some realy nice mountain roads to get there, but it was worth it in the end.
* First stop was for a short walk and a brief talk about Kauri trees and their uses.
* Next stop for Coffee and to pick up lunch.
* Cape Reinga, the northern most accessible part of the north island. There is a light house, some tourists and a few birds. We left civilisation a long way back.
* Stopped for diner at a nice littl beach. When I can find out how to spell the name of the place I will.
* Next stop, some rather large sand dunes, for sand boarding kiwi style. We used boogie boards and layed on them, rather than standing. It was great fun and every one on the bus had a go. Only one though, as the climb to the top hurt. And it was only a short stop.
* Then we drove along 90 mile beach, looked for wild horses, no luck.
* Next stop, Ancient Kauri Kingdom. a SHOP FULL OF THINGS MADE FROM THE WOOD OF THE KAURI TREE. Turn caps lock off.
I know the folks at home would have loved most of the stuff in there, but unfortunately I though $35,000 for a tree stump was a bit much. And the guitar for $36000 US was not coming home Nigel, sorry...
* Next stop, fish & chips at Mangonui fish shop. We had blue nose, it was very nice. But you only get little bits, not quite UK style, but it was very good.
* Final tour stop, a guy at the road side selling fress fruit. Not quite sure what some of the fruit was that we tried, but it was nice anyhow.