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smileytcts’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Jun 2007

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

MapHI, was suppose to go out on a trip today, but the weather is aufull so it has been postponed.
Went out to the Burried Village instead.
It is a site that used to be a tourist attration until 121 years ago the volcano errupted and desryoyed the surrounding villages and the hot pools the tourists were coming to visit.
They have excavated some of the area and found remains on the hotel, black smiths, locals houses etc. You can sea some of the areas they have uncovered and some of the items they recovered.

I also tried to put more pics on the site as they are a bit behind but am having diffiulty finding appropriate computers believe it or not.
The time slots are a bit little for uploading pictures, so half way through you get logged off and loose stuff.
I will be back in Aucland in a few days and I know a place I can go that works, so I'll sort it all out then.
Goint to Waitomo tomorrow to visit their caves and see some glow wroms.