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smileytcts’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Jun 2007

Location: Sydney - Hunter Valley, Australia

MapTodays trip was to the Hunter Valley region for wine tasting and a visit to the Hunter Valley gardens.
It started out wet and horrible, but once we were out of Sydney it brightened up for the rest of the day.
First stop was in a little village pub (at about 10:30 AM) to try DR Judes Jungle Juice. Very nice indeed:-)
Then we went on to the mount pleasant vinyards for a tour and talk on how they make the wine. Then onto Lunch and wine tasting. 4 types of wine with the meal to try and then you can go upto the bar & taste more and maybe even buy some.
The meal was lovely, the wine was OK. But they also do a really nice port:-)
For me then it was onto the Hunter valley gardens, great place even in the winter, it must be even better in the summer when there are more flowers in bloom. Only problem was I filled the memory card in the camera :-( I had some I could delete :-) But soon filled it up again..............
Then up to the shopping village to meet the coach, and have a look at the shops of couse.
Then a quick dash to find a suitable computer so I could copy some pics freom the camera onto a memory stick to make space for photo's from the rest of the week.