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Lara’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Nov 2008

Location: Dubai/Sharjah/Paradise..., United Arab Emirates

Update time...
Where am I? Dubai...otherwise known as paradise as far as I'm concerned! What's not to love about this place?? Well, ok, there's a couple of things but they are so small and insignificant it doesn't count!
The weather is average 35 degrees a day (meaning I have constant sun-kissed skin), everything is new and clean and luxurious, it's safe everywhere you go, the food is top quality (has to be for all the high class people that live here) and most importantly - I get to be with 4 absolutely amazing people who spoil me much more than they should and much more than I deserve. They truly are special beyond words. I feel really at home here while at the same time feeling completely out of place!! It's very classy and upmarket - things which I am not (well, I am only by association).
Before I forget - gotta tell you I touched a snake today - first time ever (they are surprisingly smooth), wasn't game enough to hold it. Also wasn't game enough to hold the tarantula - no chance of that happening in any of my lifetimes!!
Also, was swimming early evening couple of nights ago and what happens? A baby lizard decided to jump in the pool and swim up to me and on my head! Chances of that happening - oh about a BILLION to one. Only me...always firsts here...
Anyway, another news flash (and another first)...this Friday I'm attending a very lavish soiree (never used those words before and probably never will again!). My amazing cousins are the founders and organisers of a huge event called 'Celebrate Lebanon' - 1000 tickets, many a VIP, 2 famous singers from Lebanon, held at the Atlantis hotel (7 stars thank you very much) - and 47 media. And me - sitting at the main table with the organisers - TOTALLY OUT OF MY ELEMENT - in a total panic! I have to dress like a proper lady (lot of effort) and get my hair and make up done by professionals. I can't imagine what it will be this is happening 3 days before I leave the country (I joke about it being my farewell party)...
And where did I decide to go you ask?? London...back to my second home to finish my visa. I'm sure you're all used to not having me around by now that you won't mind another few months...

I'm just not finished living out my dream yet (will I ever be?!)