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Sam's Travels’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Jul 2007

Location: Zurich youth hostel, Switzerland

MapSwitzerland is awesome.
We landed safely this morning aftrer a very very very long, and ever so boring flight which had no movies, which I havn't already seen. The airport at Zurich is almost brand new and you could almost call it state of the art. when you leave the terminal you catch this wee train which takes you directly too your baggage claim. Once youve done that and you havnt got anything to declare, you simply walk out the front door. easy and without fuss, I was off the plane and outside within 20minutes. When we got out pracilla and company (our hosts for a couple of nights next week (?), greeted us with Cow bells blaring, and cheering with signs! highly embarrasing as the whole of Switzerland was looking at us! Weather here is hot and rained most of the day today with lightining and thunder. but still good enough to explore the beautiful city. Prices here are no dearer than at home. The only outragous things I saw were at McDonalds, an average combo for $10.95chf!!! and also a shower which I was dying for at the Airport which was $12.00chf! I am loving the transport service which runs intirely on trains and trams which you can catch and get home in about 5min from the other side of the city. So I am going to go to bed now and try and catch up with some sleep. Its awkward when youre body cannot figure ot weither i'm supposed to be asleep or not! I am going to the the Matterhorn tomorrow.