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Sam's Travels’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jul 2007

Location: Switzerland

MapHello all,
This morning we packed up our gears and got ready to come to Davos. but first we all took a quick look around the old part of Zurich. all the buildings and churches are all really nice. we caught the train out to Bern at about 12 which took about 3hrs. we are at a an altitude really high, I dont no what it is to be exact but the temperature is so low lonely because of this. and the air is so freash. The town originally was here to cure TB disease before medicine. all the patients lied on deck chairs all day wrapped in woolies while the cold, fresh air, dried out their lungs and sopposed to cure the disease. the hostel im staying in for the next three nights used to be one of these places niw converted and I am on the top floor looking over the whole place, skifields, valleys and lakes. it must be good if hitlers favorite resort was here. very nice.