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Sam's Travels’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Jul 2007

Location: Davos, Switzerland

MapHello all.
Today we went for a ride on the train to Filisur. Its a we villiage somewhere around Davos. (ive completley lost my bearings and theres no map handy) so we got there and walked back to Davos, about a 5-6hour walk. we saw all sorts of wildlife like squirrels, and stuff. once we got back we went up this mountain which was at 1600m at the top. a long way up and the air is very thin. we got up there by cable car. there is a lot of gondalas around also. Davos is quite a big town. about the size of Oamaru maybe. is was built here in the interest of curing TB. the town is situated at 1240m high. The Youth hostel we are staying at is on the side of the mountain looking over the whole of Davos. We are on the second from top floor and its a good view.