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Sam's Travels’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Jul 2007

Location: Davos - Arosa - Chur, Switzerland

MapToday we all hired mountain bikes to thrash round on the swiss alps.( very fun thing to do). We got a cable car to the top of the mountain west of us which we went half way up yesterday. the ride took us to 2253m. very high and an amazing view. we climbed yet further higher on the mountain bikes to a resturant. one of the highest ones in the world, the highest on a skyline close to us. the track between where we arrived and this place is on top of pure jagged rock cliff face about 150m high. Chilling experience. past the resturant we started to decend our way down the other side of the face which we could not bike down because it was just way to steep. we got down eventually and arrived in Langweis and caught the train to Chur, a Roman settlement, noe turned small city. from there we made our way back to Davos via Landqaurt.