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Sam's Travels’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Jul 2007

Location: jungfrau, Switzerland

Mapstarted the day today by goinvg to the station in Grindelwald. packed full of asians and yanks, its one of the most popular trains in the world. the train is all driven by an electric cog. it takes about 40mins to climb almost 2000m with one change in between. the top of the ride is amazing. 3453m above sea level and the view is amazing. glaciers, massive drops and an airforce flyover to tribute 6 soldiers which were killed in an avalanche just yesterday. then i caught an elevator which went up to the sphinx at 3574m, just 200m of mnt cook and there is 360views of almost all of Switzerland. we got to go outside in the snow and there was a ski field and thinhgs like that and if you were keen, you could take a walk and summit the rest of the mountain. going down we went down the otherside of the mountain and maded our way to Bern. Berns the capitol and in my perspective not the best îve seen in my life. beutiful buildings but the streets are packed with litter and the homeless. an exiting day.