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Josh Edwards’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Apr 2007

Location: Mount Anne, Australia


Easter 2007, Mount Anne, Described as Tasmania's Premier Day Walk.

Gorden/Franklin National Park 2hr's West of Hobart.

Garrick and Myself tackled this one, in pretty misty and cloudy conditions. We didn't have a map, didn't know the area and as a consequence had a little trouble finding the peak

Getting to the last part was pretty hard, we first climbed the peak very close to Anne, thinking it was a little too easy, only to then see a very faint outline of a bigger mountain, so we climbed that. On the way down, the mist cleared a bit, and we could see once again and ever bigger peak.

This one turned out to be Mount Anne, and it was every bit as good as i had been told. The last climb was heaps of fun, although i would be hisitant to do it wetter conditions, and if icy not all.

Not that it is as bad as Federation of anything, but having a guy fall of another mountain and die that weekend gave a reminder that accidents can still happen. Especially as most of the drops offs on this mountain would have resulted in pretty severe injuires.

Check out the photos.