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Josh Edwards’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Dec 2006

Location: SOUTH COAST, Australia


7 day walk from Malaleuka to Cockle Creek.

The plane left at 7am, which ment that we had to leave South Hobart at 6. As i reasoned with myself that morning having a poor nights sleep, i thought we didn't have to get out of bed till 6, yes this will definetly allow me to have a few more minutes sleep.

As it turns out it didn't, and all i achieved was a mad rush having considerable consequences as mentioned below.

Flew from Hobart to Malaleuka in a 6 seater plane in conditions that could be described as poor.

Garrick, Nick and myself flew in at 7am, and had to wait for the second plane to arrive with the others that left at 9am.

highlights of the morning include watching someone carry a vomit bag off the plane, and teasing Nick about his new girlfriend, the parrot girl.

I think it was at about 10am, before the others had gotten there, that i realised i didn't have a drink bottle for the next 7 days. This was going to be a problem. But i felt better when i mentioned it to Nick and Garrick, as Garrick had done the same.

Fortunetly i found a near empty metho bottle in the Par Avion's stock room. was going to do the trick, plus you got that great metho after taste, Mmmm.

I think it was about this time that i wished i had breakfast.

Luckily there were some chaps making pancakes in the middle on no where for free!!! Breakfast at last, and a coffee.

We reach camp, Whats for dinner Gaz....Pasta pack for dinner. Yes!!. I love pastapacks.

The first day was boring, and i hated the most part of it. My legs weren't used to the work and i wasn't having much fun. If the next 6 days were the same as this i was going to cut my foot off with a plastic knife and fly out in an emergency helicopter.

It rained that night

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