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Josh Edwards’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Dec 2006

Location: SOUTH COAST, Australia


The mornings weather was looking jubious, or dubious as i found out later that day (english joke).

Put on a jacket, don't put on a jacket, put on a jacket...argh, soo many deecisions, this trip is ment to be relaxing.

Run with the jacket plan, then i can laugh at the others scrambling for there jackets when it starts to piss down. It didn't start to rain, and i had to take mine off cause it's so bloomin' hot walking in a jacket.

Good start to the day

Today proved to be as bad, if not worse then the first day. My motivations for this trip were in serious question. I started to think about where i packed the plastic knife for easy access when i would have had enough.

Today consisted of cut grass plains surrounded my mud. The terrain was spectaculary similar to the 2k in front and behind us.... that been cut grass plains with mud.

We tacked our first hill, I thought it was hard. It was apparently a 400m high climb. Tommorow we do the Ironbounds, a 1000m+ climb. Obviously i couldn't wait for the joys of tommorow.

On top of that i had to share a water bottle with gaz that made your mouth evaporate at the end.

There were 3 river crossings, of which you take your socks and shoes off, walk across, dry them, put them back on, and then marvel at how you have gone 10 meters in 20min.

The 2nd river crossing i honestly couldn't be stuffed and just plowed through with boots and socks. It seemed like a much better idea before i started walking after it

The last 2 hours consisted of games, where i was convinced we just had to get to the next set of trees, again, and again, and again. for 2 hours!

Decided to have an open fire to rekindle spirits. We are allowed to have one right......ummm.....well the people over there are.

Nick: well the map says that you can only have it at these sites and not//..........what nick, we didn't know any better.

Whats for tea tonight Gaz...Pasta pack, YES, i love pasta packs.

Check out the pics.