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Josh Edwards’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Dec 2006

Location: Australia

MapSOUTH COAST TRACK (day 3 of 7)

Day 3, have to climb the Ironbounds.

The climb was.....well hard. Garrick was carrying the water/metho bottle that morning, and failed to fill it up before we left. It was natural to assume that there would be plenty of water along the way, but as it turns out there wasn't.

After the first stint of the climb, we could hear a waterfall someway off the track. Garrick was nominated to go and retrieve water. In what was ment to be a simple exercise, 30min later we were getting weary of waiting. Was the waterfall really that far away.

Turns out Gaz was almost back when he realised he left his camera at the water fall somewhere, and had to go back and retrieve it. Good work Gaz!

The rest of the morning was an uphill grind, until we hit the top for lunch.

Garrick carried a beer all the way just to have at the top..... I hoped it was warm.

A bastard of a climb down to Deadmans Bay. Very steep, muddy, and very rooty. Type of terain that you can just see numerous ankles rolling.

Camp was a very nice spot, open fire was nice, and the trip was starting to become fun.

First crap for the trip, i must have been the first one that day as the long drop was only about 40cm deep, and covered with so many maggots you didn't know what was underneath.

Whats for tea tonight Gaz?......Pasta Pack!! YES i love past pack.

Check out the pics.