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Josh Edwards’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Dec 2006

Location: Australia


Day 4, conquored the Ironbounds and the vibe around camp was good. The joys' of bushwalking had returned.

Solid sleeping has not been a feature of this trip for me, so while i was laying in bed in the early morning (about 4am) i decided i may as well take some sunrise shots from Deadmans Bay, turned out to be a fantastic idea! check out the pics.

By this stage the metho bottle had been passed onto garrick, and i had received the 2lt Goon bag, which was filled with really really bad port. The reaminaing juices gave my water a slight bitter taste, which was actually quite enjoyable under the circumstances

I think it was on this day that we agreed to take a rest day at Suprise Bay. As you can imagine there were many discussions about what the suprise at Suprise Bay was. I was betting on the surprise been that there wasn't actually a surprise.

Today was a long day, various terrain. A last climb through a long hard range proved to be very taxing on my patience. But with a very quick descent at the end we were at Suprise Bay.

Whats for Dinner tonight Gaz...pasta pack....YES I love past packs!!

Check out the pics