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Josh Edwards’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 Dec 2006

Location: Australia


Day 5, a rest day to soak sore feet and chill out as oppose to climbing precipitous Bluff, which was the alternative.

Wicked spot for a rest day. Beatiful Day! Today is the last day of 2006 as well

Highlights include:
- Making Spears Bows and Arrows for hunting
- A Tiger Snake sneaking up behind us from the water
- Nick hitting the tiger snake with an arrow (sticks don't penetrate scales very well though)
- Swimming in some wicked surf
- Excellent game of twighlight beach cricket with a perfectly made kelp ball
- Texas Holdem'
- Joram making stupid fish traps that didn't catch anything....surprise surprise

We had dinner on the beach to a pretty specky sunset.

Whats for tea Gaz....pasta pack YES I love pasta pack.

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