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Josh Edwards’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 02 Jan 2007

Location: Australia


The last day, we all go home tonight.

As we got closer to the end we started to meet more and more tourists comming in from cockle creek for the day. This was a good sign.

Got to watch a pack of dolphins go and investigate a surfer from the cliff side which was prety funny.

Met Sarah's parents at Cockle Creek who supplied a welcomed BBQ and comfy ride back to Blackman's Bay.

After a quick shower and some clean clothes we packed all the gear into a trailer and headed down to the Taste of Tasmania. The food was good, but somehow not as good as i had been invisaging it back on the track.

Drove my car back up to Launi with 5 people and a trailer. Hit 1 strolling Echidna at 120km/h on the midlands, not sure if he survived, i was more concearned with the 3 tires that managed to hit it.

By the time i reached home it was the next day, and had work the next morning. Probably should have taken time off

The trip was over.

These are just a meer micro sample of photos from the trip. Anyone interested in looking at the full trip can check them out in a Photo Album I have made.