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Wednesday, 11 Apr 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapDear Blog

I arrived in Cape Town yesterday morning after an uncomfortable flight into the arms of Chanel Engelbrecht my dear old South African friend from BVCD. I am staying with her and her family for the next ten days and she has an itinerary of what we will be doing and everything. Yesterday we didn't do anything crazy because I hadn't slept just went and bought some equipment for for when I go to the desert. Then that evening her parents cooked a Braai (bbq to us) and all her friends came round and we ate alot. Her parnets don't want me to do anything, not cook or clean up after! People can you hear me this my dream location. They are great hosts and I even have my own room.

11/04/2007 - Helicopter loving

Today we went to the Aquarium and then on a helicopter ride and both were brilliant. At the Aquarium I learnt that the penguins in Mary Poppins are very similar to real life penguins. They are my favourite animal now. The helicopter took us all around the Cape Peninsular. The actual helicopter had no doors and was the same model as helicopters used in the Vietnam war (they had apocalypse now music playing of course). I spotted where I wanted to sit early on which was actually facing the open doorway. We made sure that those other tourists didn't get there first I tell you. Chanel just brought to my attention that she wonders how safe those little seatbelts actually were...mmm if soldiers can do right? I took many 'a good photo of table mountain and its surroundings, it was an amazing view. I will work out how to put those pics on this another time as Chanel and I both feel nautious from helicopter followed by cake... Going home to hers in a bit to have Bobotie a Cape Malay dish her Dad is making yum. Blog you soon xxx