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Kirsty Adams’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 08 Jan 2008

Location: Bariloche, Argentina

MapAfter 23 hours on the bus I arrived in Bariloche yesterday evening at 5.40. I actually slept alot of the way. They had some awful films on which was fine because I just wanted to listen to the Spanish on my ipod after realising I left my Spanish for Dummies book in Buenos Aires. I forgot a book for dummies. What does that make me.
For some reason I didn´t prebook a hostel at the most busiest time of the year in Bariloche. January is holiday time in Argentina and so backpackers have to think outside the pack, which I didn´t. After trudging round town I found a bed in a dorm. For a while I thought I would either have to book into a hotel or sleep outside with the St Bernards. They have them here. You can pay to have a picture taken with one. Pictures. I remember them, I used to take loads before my camera broke. I only noticed the funny sound and blurry screen today, as I was walking towards Cerro Campaniario, a mountain which has fantastic views of the Lake District. Not having a camera means I will have to simply enjoy the views without worrying about taking tons of pics. But I like pics. And what about the Ultimate Picture Show I have planned for everyone I know back home on my return. It´s a shame.
Last night I got an early night and was subjected to the worst snoring I have ever heard in my life. This morning I tried to make some decisions about the rest of my trip before taking a bus to Cerro Campaniario. I got the ski lift up, wondered around the top and then started to make my way down along a dirt path. I actually stumbled down the mountain in flip flops for a bit, which is really not practical, before realising I might go head first so sat down. But it was a tranquil spot so I stayed there for a bit and had a read. Then I got the ski lift down to save injury. Tomorrow I am going white water rafting, hopefully I will make some friends. I hope they are curly haired and smaller than average.
I still have not covered Christmas properly which I feel bad about because it was fantastic. But I have to write about my current trip first because I don´t have a camera to help me recollect. xxx