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Brad’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 May 2005

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

MapWell, it is today that I leave Istanbul with a sense of lingering nostalgia...I've been here a whole 13 days! Since the last entry I've been pretty busy (of course) and haven't gotten nearly enough sleep. On Friday night I went out to Taksim Square and saw my good friend Cihan's band play, then we all went out dancing at a funky latin club until the early hours...then did the same thing the next night (differnt club, same story). During the day on Saturday (after a huge sleep in) I did a bit of a mosque tour and saw the Suleymanie Mosque and New Mosque, both designed by master Ottoman architect Sinan. On Sunday, however, I went to a really spectacular Byzantene church, it had all these amazingly beautiful mozaics and frescos from the eleventh century. It was a bit hard to find but totally well worth the effort, second only to Aya Sophia.
Yesterday I said goodbye to all my lovely new Istanbuli friends because today I am going to Edirne, the town of beautiful mosques!