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Brad’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Location: Olympos, Turkey

MapThe last week or so I`ve really been doing the real backpacker thing. The place I`m staying is a mini Byron Bay, although a little more unspoilt, and is chockers full of backpackers!

The day after my last entry I stayed in Dalyan, another fairly touristy place. I came on a quiet afternoon however and stayed out of town and so had a quite peaceful experiece. The town runs along a river covered with reeds, and above the cliffs on the other side of the river are a number of Lycian tombs carved out of the rock.

I moved on to Fetihye the next day to board on my four day cruise on the Med to Olympos. The cruise left on Thursday morning and, of course, was made up mostly of Aussies! The were mostly a cool crowd though, and with a pair of Canadians and a token Kiwi thrown in we all had a great time. The first day we stopped at Butterfly Valley, a spectacular, well, valley with amazing sheer cliffs and a beautiful waterfall up one end. It`s also the home to a really rare type of butterfly, but they weren`t around at this time of year. The water along this stretch of the coast is amazing! It`s so blue, the only place I`ve seen like it is the Whitsundays...very nice. We stopped at at the Blue Cave on the second day, where you swim inside and the water is this incredible blue, like someone has poured blue food colouing in the water. Most of the cruise involved a lot of laying around, a bit of swimming and lots of eating! The cook prepared these beautiful meals, usually four or five dishes, and always more than we could all eat. I think I`ve managed to put on a noticable amount of weight and expand my stomach significantly over the four days! Other highlights were a party we had on Saturday night, it was the Canadian guy`s birthday and there was much merriment and even some bellydancing! I had the misfortune to drink a bottle of Turkish wine that night which was far and away the worst bottle of wine I`ve ever tasted (but I had payed for it and so had to drink it all) which made me really sick, I`m still feeling a bit under the weather. I think I may have picked up a bug, and the wine just made me vunerable, but I`m fed up with feeling not quite 100%.

I`ve spent the last three nights recovering in Olyimpos, (as mentioned above) aka backpackerville. It`s a beautiful setting here, there`s a nice (pebble) beach about five minutes walk away and heaps of people are staying in these rustic `treehousese`. Some of these are actually treehouses, which are pretty cool, but most are just cabins. I eneded up staying in a cabin `treehouse`, but I am paying $15 for it including breakfast and dinner, which is awesome because there`s nothing else to spend money on here.

I`m leaving for Konya tomorrow, and from there I`m going to Cappodocia, which should be amazing! Tonight I`m off to see the Chimera, a place on Mount Olympos where flames spurt out of the rocks, which also should be pretty cool.