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Brad’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 May 2005

Location: Eğirdir, Turkey

MapJust a brief entry today, more to vent my frustration than anything else...I`ve been trying to time my visit to Konya to coincide with a performance of the whirlng dervishes. Konya is their home town, and it would be wonderful to see them perform there. Anway, for various reasons I`ve tried twice now and signicantly and pointlessly dirvirted my trip to no avail, mostly because the bloody guidebook has the performance days wrong. How annoying.

So I am now on my way to Cappodocia instead, the land of fairy chimneys, cave dwellers and hot air ballooning! I wasn`t meant to be there for a few more days but I guess thats just the way things go sometimes. I`ll probably be there for a week and then backtrack to Konya to see the dirvishes, then I`m going to try to make it to Antakya before heading back to Antalya for the music festival.

The chimera was amazing, like a number of oversized gas burners just coming out of the ground! I heard about people barbequeing things on the flames, so I nicked some bread and had vegemite toast, chimera style!

Yesterday, thanks to my dirvirsion to time things right to get to Konya, I eneded up in a small town called Eğirdir. It`s actually really beautiful here, the town is set on a massive lake with snow covered mountains all around. I met a nice Aussie girl and we went on a big walk up a mountain yesterday. It`s the first realy bushwalk I`ve done, so it was very enjoyable.

Also, apologies about being a little slack with replying to messages, I`ve had all sorts of problems with power cuts, dialup modems etc. so thank you, I have been recieving all your wonderful messages and will try to reply to them before posting new entries.