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Brad’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Jun 2005

Location: Sophia, Bulgaria

MapWell, it has to be said, so I'll say it: Bulgaria rocks! It is so insanely cheap here, and when I say cheap, I am talking about one commodity in particular. Thats right my friends, the beer. the beer here is cheaper than water, and I don't mean that in some sort of figurative sense, I mean that 330mls of water costs abuot 40 cents, while half a litre of beer costs 50 cents. Stella is only slightly more expensive. So I'm sure you'll all understand if this entry is slightly incoherant. And to top it off it just started storming after a stinking hot day. Perfect.

I got to Sophia, the capital of Bulgaria yesterday afternoon. It's a really nice city, not too big with lovely european architecture and a real sense that I've passed from the Middle East into Europe. I went for a good look around today and the city has some nive churches, including the huge Alexander Nevski Church, built as a memorial to those who died in freeing Bulgaria from the Ottoman
(Turkish) Empire. I also went to a good art gallery and a number of other orthodox churches in the city, all very pretty and serious and covered in icons and candles.

I was toying with the idea of continuing on while I'm here to Romania, but unfortunatly I need a visa to go there so it looks like I'll be in Bulgaria (or possibly Macedonia) until I get my damn Iranian visa.